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DEAD BROKE LP - Limited Edition Teal Vinyl

DEAD BROKE LP - Limited Edition Teal Vinyl

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Like A Motorcycle’s sophomore album “Dead Broke” on some spiiiiicy teal Vinyl. Includes a tasty lil lyric sleeve and some gratitude to our buddies.

DEAD BROKE - 13 songs/33mins run time
Track Listing:

side a
1. Punk Two
2. Work
3. Satan Does The Numbers
4. Idols
5. Swept Out
6. Hotel Hallway

side b
7. Tanner
8. Sick Children
9. Drew
10. Paranoid
11. Back Burner
12. Strange Adventures
13. Wide Awake

Recorded at The Armoury in Vancouver, British Columbia with Howard Redekopp.
Mastered by Brock McFarlane.

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